Targeted Reach Through Print Magazines

Print magazines are popular entertainment choices, and many companies want to connect with the highly desirable audiences for this medium.


If you’re not sure how to advertise in a print magazine, Wakeen Pages can help you research and purchase magazine advertising for your clients. Our experienced team will secure the best rates, targeting the perfect audience…all while offering an efficient turnkey solution for placement and fulfillment. 

Let Wakeen Pages do the hard work of securing a magazine ad placement while your clients reap the benefits of this impact medium. 

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What Is Magazine Advertising?

Magazine advertising includes any ads in print magazines. While you may immediately think of a glamorous full-page ad for perfume in a glossy magazine, you have other options you can pursue for your clients, including advertorials — advertising made to look like editorial content — and inserts. 

Targeting may depend on your client’s budget as well as their aim for the campaign. Gaining placement in a niche magazine with readers who are more likely to respond to ads about a client’s product may be a smarter strategy than targeting big general-interest titles, where you face more advertising clutter. 

Your client can combine print advertising with online options as well. This tactic has become more common with the rise in popularity of digital magazines. Having a presence in print and a social media campaign will ensure you reach a more significant portion of the magazine’s audience. 

How Does It Work?

You can choose print magazine placement in a daily or weekly publication. Many magazines are monthly or weekly, but a few daily options exist and may be the right choice for clients with timely messages or those who desire greater message saturation. 

One of the advantages of magazine advertising is that people often keep print magazines for a long time and then pass them along to friends and family, bringing your client’s ad to a new audience. Other benefits include: 

  • Reaching a large national audience or regional markets are all options.
  • Connecting with educated readers that are more likely to be interested in your product or service.
  • Producing beautiful, memorable content that will align with your brand messaging.

Contact Wakeen Pages to discuss magazine advertising options

Our magazine advertising agency has developed long-standing contacts with magazine advertising representatives that we can use to get you the best deal. You do not have to spend your valuable time learning about the industry or developing new relationships — leave that to our experts. We can handle the placement and negotiations for your magazine ads. 

As a magazine ad company, we have placed many advertisements on behalf of our clients and understand how to broker deals that work for both sides. We can also secure discounts through our relationships that are not available to others. These savings are then passed along to you and your client.

Using Wakeen Pages is like having a seasoned print buyer on your staff. You can see us as an extension of your agency, and we will help get the job done. Get in touch with us today to discuss our print magazine opportunities.