Newspaper ROP Display

Advertising plays a huge role in how you market your business.

With the availability of print and digital media, taking advantage of all forms of advertising can help your company reach a range of audiences. With newspaper advertising, you can tap into more local demographics and build trust within your community. Run of paper (ROP) advertising is a type of newspaper advertising that could help your business in unexpected ways. When you partner with Wakeen Pages, we’ll provide perspective and expertise while consolidating a highly effective print strategy.

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What Is ROP Advertising?

Run of paper advertising, sometimes referred to as run of press, is advertising printed directly onto the newspaper page, surrounded by editorial content.  ROP display ads typically cost less than newspaper inserts when factoring additional costs to produce and ship an insert to the newspaper distribution plant.  As content continues to drive engagement, newspaper journalism has traditionally been a trusted source for news, information and advertising.  Positioning your ROP ad on a page with highly read content logically will make your message more visible.

Most Sunday editions will consist of separate sections, organized by topic and featured content.

Sections like SPORTS, TRAVEL, HOME or COMMUNITY provide more relevance by positioning your ad within the appropriate context.  

Although positioning is often ‘first come, first serve’, Wakeen Pages advises clients on the best way to leverage premium positioning and sizing impact to generate the optimal recall and response.

Another benefit of ROP display is the short turnaround time needed to run an ad. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of sizes, design and run your ad all within a short deadline.  This makes newspaper advertising a viable option if responding to market conditions or your organization needs to communicate an important message to the community quickly. 

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The Benefits of Newspaper Advertising

With so many options for your advertising budget, why might newspaper ROP be a good option? Benefits include:

  • Trust: Local newspapers work hard to connect with the community and build a sense of trust. With this lens of reliability, people will be more inclined to trust your ads and, by extension, your business.
  • Local appeal: When you publish an ad in your local paper, you’re speaking directly to your community. For a small business for which the community is the backbone of sales, appealing to the locals has a lot of power.
  • High engagement: In digital or broadcast media, users move quickly and operate on shorter attention spans, so ads are lucky to receive a quick glance. Newspaper readers expect advertisements and actually engage with the material more because of it.
  • Speed to market: with short deadlines and basic creative needs, most organizations can reach the community quickly with little overhead cost.
  • Detail: depending on the size of ad, you have the ability to include powerful images, compelling copy and additional product details not easily communicated in other media forms.

Contact Wakeen Pages for ROP Newspaper Displays

Harnessing the power of print ads is a big move for any business, and Wakeen Pages is a newspaper advertising partner that will help you navigate the complexities of hundreds of newspapers across the U.S. Request a quote today to get started on your venture into print advertising.