Newspaper FSI/Inserts

We provide industry knowledge, top strategies & logistics for newspaper advertising with FSIs.

Print advertising is valuable to any business for its potential to reach engaged audiences with detailed and relevant offers. Free-standing inserts (FSIs) are one way to distribute expansive sale inventory, direct response cards or simply to stand out from the crowd.  When you work with Wakeen Pages, we provide industry knowledge, top strategies & logistics for newspaper advertising with FSIs.


What Is a Newspaper Insert?

FSIs, or newspaper inserts/circulars, are a variation of print placement in daily or weekly publications. Aptly named, these advertisements are inserted between the pages of a newspaper rather than printed directly onto a page. You’ve probably noticed them yourself, especially on Thanksgiving Day, when the masses line up to get a peak at Black Friday sales circulars. These newspaper inserts may seem like a simple tactic, but they offer a vast range of benefits to your business and its advertising strategy.

The Benefits of FSIs

If debating the advantages and costs associated with FSIs vs ROP, please consider the following:

  • Targeting: FSIs can often be zoned by zip, radius from a physical address, cluster or county allowing reach and cost efficiencies.
  • Space: FSIs provide additional space to include specific details and conditions.
  • Linking digital and print: With the increased presence of QR codes, inserts are an excellent way to combine print and digital. Include a QR code on your FSI that links to your website or a promotional page to appeal to both the print and digital markets.
  • Multifunction marketing: Inserts can work as sales sheets or promotional pages, and you can print out extra to hand out at your business’s location. Plus, they’re more likely to get attention in the newspaper than they would as a solo piece of mail.
  • Sundays: While people are relaxing and doing the crossword puzzle on Sundays, they’re also on the prowl for sales and coupons. This Sunday paper crowd is sure to notice your inserts.
  • Response driver: cited as a top source for advertising sale information, FSIs also drive response by including a perforated response card or promotional product that can be sometimes attached to the insert.
  • Saving money: Digital printing has never been easier, which means it’s also never been cheaper. You can print a colored insert for a low cost, and the distribution through the paper will cost less than standard postage.

Work With Wakeen Pages for Local Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper inserts are a powerful tool for marketing and advertising your business, and you can take advantage of this tool today. With the help of Wakeen Pages, you can master your FSI strategy and expand your audience. Request a quote to get started on harnessing the power of print advertising.