Digital & High Impact

Digital provides an effective way to reach this highly desirable audience.

Online newspaper ad placements and high-impact print ads put your client in front of a sophisticated and moneyed audience looking for connections. Purchasing online and high-impact newspaper placements demands a specialized understanding of the industry and contacts your team may lack. Wakeen Pages has the network and the know-how to do it on your client’s behalf.

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What are Digital Placements?

The most arresting ads in online and print newspapers can take many forms, but they have one thing in common. They capture people’s eye and engage them just as well as the editorial content does. Examples of such placements include:

  • Video: Such as interviews or scenes shot at an event. Ads can run before, after or during the video.
  • Homepage takeovers: An advertiser dominates all the advertising on the homepage.
  • Native content: Sponsored stories written in the same style and format as editorial content.
  • Spadeas: A broadsheet folded partway over the newspaper’s front page, often commemorating an important anniversary or news event, with advertising throughout.
  • Cover wrap: A sponsored message fitted around the outside of the newspaper.
  • Front page notes: Advertising stickers affixed to the front page of the newspaper.

How Does it Work?

Our team is well-versed in how to advertise in online and offline newspapers. You can choose how you prefer to work with us, and we can adjust our approach to meet your needs with a customized relationship.

Some agencies choose to work with us as a Strategic Consultant. We can offer research and perform negotiations on your behalf. Or, you may prefer for us to manage your print placement strategy, acting as a full-service agency. Our capabilities include placement and proof-of-publication reporting.

Our focus always remains on helping your client reach their customers in the best way possible. We figure out the optimal ratio of print-to-digital, and we advise you on the most effective way to achieve your goals.

We’ll then create a list of print newspaper and online options that meet your budget requirements and send them to you. We ensure each one matches your budget and the target customer you have in mind. You make the call on which option to choose. After your decision, we continue to handle all the communication between you and the publication, making it an easy and productive process.

How Can Wakeen Help?

We offer efficient, money-saving services that will deliver an outstanding return for your clients. Wakeen Pages acts as an extension of your team, with zero expense passed on to you. We secure discounted rates for your clients, with savings ranging from 25 to 70% off, and our service fee is included in the rates we provide. When we negotiate a savings of half off, for instance, we pass on 40% to you and keep 10% for ourselves.

Our unique system means you take on no risk when you source online newspaper placements with us. The reward is in the savings and the excellent return on investment you pass on to your client. Get in touch with us today to discuss your digital and high-impact advertising options and how we can help.

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