Classified Display & Public Notes

 Print materials are an excellent medium for advertising in a multitude of ways.


Whether you aspire to reach a broader audience or build brand loyalty, using newspaper ads can help you achieve your business goals. With Wakeen Pages, we can help you create and execute a newspaper placement strategy to increase lead generation.


What Are Newspaper Classified Ads?

Classified displays are a type of traditional print placement. While newspapers have many sections, you’re probably familiar with the classifieds. When you think of a newspaper ad, you probably think of help wanted, yard sale or owners selling their used cars. Though they’re a traditional form of advertising, loyal newspaper readers engage with this content on a regular basis so its important to include in your print strategy.  Including classified ads can also supplement other digital listing sites, leading to a competitive advantage.

Types of Classified Ads

Depending on what your business offers, you may use one kind of ad over another. When you choose an ad type, it’ll be placed under that heading in the classifieds, making it easy for readers to navigate the section and find what they want. Common advertisement types for businesses include:

  • Business: This option is excellent for advertising sales, offers, promotions and even requests for business partners.
  • Property: If you’re a landlord or property broker, you’ll find that the property section is the best way to advertise houses and other buildings for sale.
  • Recruitment: If you’re looking for more employees to join your operation, the recruitment section will enable you to describe the job opportunity you’re offering.
  • Announcements: This a general category for anything your business may need to declare for government or individual purposes, like a name or address change.
  • Public notice: A public notice or note is a type of announcement, but it exclusively relates to government processes, like contract changes, new ordinances and regulation reminders.

The Advantages of a Classified Display

Traditional media forms like newspapers can still help your business gain traction in a digitally driven world. Classified ads come with a few benefits that may make them an advantageous opportunity for your business, including:

  • Low cost: Compared to other print media, classified ads are relatively affordable because they don’t typically require a lot of ink or complicated printing methods.
  • Simple: These ads can say a lot in just a few lines, so you won’t have to mull over design concepts or the perfect wording.
  • Making your job easier: The most significant advantage of classified ads is that customers go there looking for a business rather than the other way around. Potential clients go to the classifieds when they’re searching for something specific, and if you have it, you’ll immediately generate a lead with a classified display.

Contact Wakeen Pages for Classified Displays

If you’re looking for ease and simplicity with a cost-effective advertising method, classified ads are for you. As a newspaper advertising company, Wakeen Pages knows how to use print media for lead generation, and we can help you get the most from your classified ads. Request a quote today to start experiencing the benefits of traditional media.