Audience-based campaigns combining media channels.
A custom approach for each partner.

Ignite dynamic advertising strategies

Wakeen Pages takes a customized approach to each relationship. We can partner with you as a Strategic Consultant on a project to provide research and negotiation; or manage your media placement needs in a full-service capacity to include placement and proof-of-publication reporting. Regardless of how we work with you, it is always about reaching your customers in the most effective ways through a combination of advertising channels.

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How we support our agency partners



We work as an extension of your agency to research, avail, negotiate, plan and place media.  It could be one aspect of a campaign or all advertising channels.   You define the plan and the strategy – we make bring it to life!

Our team is consumed with understanding the why behind every aspect of marketing from audience and market nuances to media consumption habits and the most cost-efficient channels to reach your customers. The ability to identify where data and customer intention converge is the point at which media buying starts to deliver desired outcomes.

  • Network Television
  • Cable Television
  • Radio
  • Out-of-Home
  • Digital (SEM, programmatic, pre-roll, social, addressable, email, etc.)
  • Print (newspaper, magazine, trade publications, etc.)
  • Partnership Marketing


We will say it again … we are consumed with understanding the why behind the intersection of consumers and advertising, which is why our team is well-versed in the following metrics and tools: Nielsen, Scarborough, SQAD, SRDS, Claritas, ComScore, Google Analytics, Kantar, eMarketer. Additionally, we constantly collaborate with our media partners; provide continuing education to our team; and curate industry content to stay up to date with emerging trends and technologies.

Looking for justification of your strategic approach?  We can help!


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ROP Traditional (and not-so traditional) print placement across any type of newspaper format including:

  • Daily publications
  • Weekly publications
  • Niche lifestyle publications
  • Niche business journals 


Wakeen Pages will provide full run or targeted zoning options to effectively reach your audience.  

  • Turnkey printing/placement services
  • Distribution of existing materials to daily, community or niche publications such as Business Journals
  • Seasoned negotiation for volume and/or frequency discounts


Fast turn-around and pinpointed placement for:

  • Recruitment
  • Announcements
  • Real Estate/Automotive
  • Public notices


Once we understand your goals, our strategists can work with you to identify complementary or high impact placements in both the printed and online versions of publications.

  • Home Page Takeovers
  • Native Content
  • Video
  • Front Page Notes
  • Spadeas
  • Cover Wraps
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Magazines & Specialty Publications


Magazines allow you to Reach special-interest or highly targeted audience segments through:
  • National/Regional Distribution
  • Bundled Title Placements
  • Specialty/Trade Magazines
  • Advertorials and Custom Placements
  • Direct engagement campaigns for high-value audience targets
  • Digital/Online placements through publisher sites
Many are subscription based, so information is invited into consumers’ homes and offices.  They are often kept longer than other forms of advertising and have a higher pass-along potential.
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Wakeen Pages specializes in research and placement in niche publications related to:

  • Associations
  • Trades
  • Membership-based Groups
  • Bundled Titles
  • Newsletters
  • Community and Business Organizations
While the distribution may be limited, it is highly-targeted to more qualified prospects.  With a combination of updates, news and educational content, these create opportunities to ‘start a conversation’ with customers in ways that few other forms of advertising can.

Digital Placements


There are a myriad of programmatic buying platforms available, but most lead back to a few network exchanges.  Wakeen Pages has identified one of a handful of programmatic buying platforms that have direct access to the key exchanges and who are willing to create open-sourced (or custom) networks based on client needs.  They also place not just in display, but across all screens to include mobile, OTT and native.

Wakeen Pages clients benefit from:
  • Brand-safe content
  • More competitive rate structures
  • Advanced fraud prevention monitoring
  • Real-time dashboard access
  • A/B Testing and short-term campaign options
  • Extensive target capabilities


Mobile advertising is delivered to mobile-enable devices through applications that they use, such as games, weather, traffic or even voicemail. 

Addressable advertising takes mobile and display advertising to the next level.  It allows you to pinpoint messaging to distinctly defined audience segments by matching a customer list to smart devices.  

  • Use an existing CRM database or partner with trusted research firm to develop a custom prospect list
  • Draw custom geo-fence based on target audiences locations, competitors and/or public spaces
  • Measure foot traffic conversion with custom attribution settings
  • Robust target filters and audience mirroring capabilities to engage with a greater number of qualified prospects