Our Approach

Analyze. Implement. Optimize.

Question everything.

While we take a customized approach to every project, it starts with a simple formula to understand the why behind the buy.  This clear, honest communication amplifies the result.  What do you want to accomplish? What is the message? What metrics are important to success? What role will print play in the overall campaign? 

Comprehensive Analysis.

We run a full analysis on the markets, audiences, metrics, and placement options available.  From there we collaborate with you on the recommendation to confirm final placement.

Full Implementation.

Once approved, our team turn-keys all aspects of placement, creative trafficking, confirmation, proof-of-performance, reporting and billing.

Our media coordination department provides eTearsheets and/or other standard reporting verification so that you have full transparency for your client and internal teams.

Continual Optimization.

Wakeen Pages works with your team along the way to track results and make adjustments to optimize the campaign where possible.

simple 3 step process

Collaboration in Action.

When you work with Wakeen Pages, it means one point of contact obsessed with effective communication between all partners.  We have the necessary experience and extensive industry connections to provide innovative solutions.

Long-standing relationships with our agency partners is just one aspect of our approach. Collaborating with with market-leading publishers, DSP’s and data firms to understand media consumption and how consumers engage with content is critical component to our ability to represent our clients with passion and integrity.

We recognize that many of our relationships start out transactional – best rate, fastest turnaround time – but we are proud of the fact that it is mutual respect and proven results that establish us as a trusted, go-to resource.


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