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People like to do business with people they like. While we can certainly work with a client on a project-by-project basis, we thrive in working with clients who are interested in developing relationships over time – one of mutual respect and grace. In doing so, we can dream together, explore new opportunities and even fail forward. We become so invested in your success that we take every win (or loss) personally.

Legacy Knowledge

With experience across many different business sectors from manufacturing, finance and tourism to retail, healthcare and legal, when you work with Wakeen Pages, your investment isn’t just about the research and services we can offer. It is also our collective legacy knowledge as buyers and negotiators who effectively leverage their experience to build a plan that delivers your campaign to the right people at the right time and through the right media channels.

Our Passion

We don't settle. When we think we're done, we keep digging to find better options, better placements, better reporting. Our relentless understanding of the data, metrics and opportunities with our media partners is driven by our desire to provide our agency clients with recommendations that not only meet the request, but instill confidence and maybe something even a little special to wow your clients.

Personal Investment

Business is personal and that’s why we promise to be present in every encounter and accessible when you need us. We want to be “your person.” After all, what good is the latest technology, resource, research and strategy if you can’t reach anyone when you call? How can an agency vow to bring solutions that take you to the next level if they don’t really listen?

Pages Activation Team

Activator. Communicator. DIY Junkie.
kevin@wakeenandcompany.com  | 717-903-3936

Relationship builder. Fast-paced. Family Man.
wesley@wakeenandcompany.com  | 717-385-0382

Creative Thinker. Organizational Blackbelt. Artist.
nick@wakeenandcompany.com | 717.380-3854

Negotiator. Multi-tasker. Authentic.
lindsey@wakeenandcompany.com | 570-590-1155

Competitor. Drummer. Life-long Learner.
elyssa@wakeenandcompany.com | 717-364-0523

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